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    Think long

    Representatives at the Guangdong Entrepreneurs Conference in Guangzhou on Sept 19. Photos Provided to China Daily

    "China has great advantages in infrastructure and manufacturing industries that the African continent is eager to develop," Liu says.

    "Meanwhile, African countries have abundant tourism and agricultural resources that are seeking investment from outside the continent," he says.

    But Liu urges investors from the mainland to study not only the investment, economic, agricultural and industrial policies African countries have introduced, but also local economic systems, development patterns, culture and customs to achieve a win-win cooperation deal and mutual development patterns.

    African nations do not welcome investors who just want to make quick money on the continent, he says.

    "Chinese companies should not breach local economic systems, development patterns and environment while investing in African countries," Liu says.

    "Relevant departments should also further expand cooperation with African counterparts in culture, education, training and exchanges of talent to promote mutual understanding between China and African nations," he adds.

    Liu, 43, who is also chairman of the Guangdong Association in Kenya, has lived in Kenya for more than seven years. He also lived in Togo for four years.

    The Guangzhou native is now mainly engaged in offering consultant services and helping mainland companies, whether State-owned or private, go through procedures to invest in Africa.

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